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    Tracey Lynch

    Dear Parents,

    Thank you for your interest in Mini Mooo’s Pre Primary School.

    I am looking forward to caring for, extending and forming a

    Special friendship with your child and you as a family.


    My aim is to provide a well-founded and quality care that focuses on the personal development of each child and provides opportunity for intellectual, physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth.

    I am committed to creating a happy atmosphere, relaxed yet disciplined environment as well as offering a stimulating programme of theme teaching that develops the children in the following areas:

    • Emotionally and socially so that they can relate and co-operate with peers, as well as adjust and adapt to a more structured and formal routine as they get older. (excellent preparation for “big” school)
    • Intellectually through cognitive play i.e. Lego, construction toys, puzzles, blocks, themes, stories and songs.  This will improve concentration, logical reasoning, vocabulary and general knowledge.
    • Physically through play in the garden and outdoor equipment. This will develop co-ordination as well as tone the large muscles, which will promote upper body strength.
    • Small muscle and fine motor co-ordination will be developed through activities such as painting, cutting, threading, rolling and play dough etc.
    • Development play where skills such as balancing, locomotion movement, eye-hand and eye-foot co-ordination is developed through various activities.
    • Fantasy play in-doors and out-doors, through dressing up, imaginative play, creativity, creative dance and movement, and basic music skills.

    All of the above concepts will be incorporated into the daily programme by means of themes relating to the children’s interest and immediate environment. Learning at all times shall be fun and creative. They will be school ready and able to integrate into any school of your choice for grade 0 (R).

    There will be a teacher for each of the groups, 000 (3 to 4) and 00 (4 to 5). 


    I am very security conscious and therefore all sorts of emergency policies are in place.  The premises is fully alarmed and fenced, has slam lock doors and panic buttons on the walls and on staff phones.

    The staff are trained in First Aid.

    The parking area can become congested during rush hour, please would you make sure you don’t keep anyone waiting for parking unnecessarily.

    Please also ensure that any siblings or other children in your vehicle do not run around the parking lot as there is a danger of them being hit by a car that may not see them.

    Children are also not permitted to run around the property and private areas without supervision. Our policy is to have eyes on children at all times and there are private areas of the property where this is not possible.


    Morning care opens at 6.45 at an extra charge, but at 7am for everyone else.  We offer breakfast to those who are here by 7.45. You can either supply your own Jungle Oats and Wheatbix or you can pay R50 per month and we will supply it.

    Class will start at 8am. Please make sure you are here by then, children arriving late will feel unsettled and the class will also be disturbed. They will also miss out on some of the things they would love to have done.

    School closes at 5pm.  If you are running late please notify me ASAP, so that I can make arrangements as most of the staff rely on lifts and taxis.

    It is important to have structure and routine as it helps the children feel more secure.

    DAY STARTS – 8

    1. Greeting ring
    2. Theme ring and activity related to theme work
    3. Snack
    4. Outdoor free play
    5. Theme activity, creative movement, ball skills, music etc.
    6. Story time
    7. Lunch time (1/2 day children collected after they have had lunch)

     AFTERCARE 12 – 5

    1. Rest/sleep time for all (they do not have to sleep but do need to have quiet time)
    2. Snack time
    3. Fetching time for 2.30pm children
    4. Free indoor or outdoor play (weather permitting)
    5. Fetching time for 3.30pm children
    6. Clean up time and end of day fetching time


    The school is open all year round, and only closes between Christmas and New Year. We are also closed for the public holidays.

    During the usual school holidays we will continue with normal classes and aftercare.

    We may also close for a day between the weekend and a public holiday during the year for our Deep Clean and fumigation for the school.  This date is to be advised during the year.

    Due to the fact that we do not close for school holidays, the staff and I take leave during the year, I have locum staff to replace staff members on leave.

    Aftercare closes at 5pm.


    Fees are due in advance and are to be paid no later than the last school day of the month.

    It is preferable that all fees be paid by internet banking.  If you are unable to do this fees can be paid in cash.

    No deductions may be made if your child is absent for illness or holiday leave.  These days may also not be made up at a later stage.

    Two calendar months written notice must be given by the parent, otherwise fees will be payable for the notice period.

    I do not ask for a deposit, but require application forms to be submitted to ensure a space for 2019.

    Fees are payable from January to December inclusive. (2019 Prices below)

    There are 4 options, either 12pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm or 5pm.

    Naturally you can collect at any time you wish, but if they are going to be here after any of the option times then that is the price you would need to pay.  For example if they if you collect at you would pay the rate.

    The stationary levy is R700 per annum and needs to be paid with the first month’s school fees by 1stJan 2019.


    Banking Details:

    Mini Mooo’s Pre-Primary

    Standard Bank

    Branch Code: 0051001

    Acc No: 240772474


     2018 MNTHLY
    School Fee
    Per Annum R28980
    Per month R2415
    2.30 pm R473
    3.30 pm R662
    5 pm R945
    Lunch Optional
    Per Month R450
    Per Annum R700



    12 PM                   =        R2865

    2.30PM         =        R3338

    3.30PM         =        R3527

    5PM             =        R3810

    Aftercare fees are R20.00 per hour or part thereof and are charged at the end of the month. (This will apply to any children collected after their normal collection time)

    Children collected after 5pm need to have special arrangements made in advance.


    If your child has a temperature or any signs of illness during the night before school please do not bring them to school until you know what is wrong and they are not contagious.

    We will send any child who is displaying any signs of illness home as they may need a doctor or may be contagious to the other children.

    If we do not adhere to this, not only will the whole class get sick but so will the staff, eventually it becomes inconvenient to a lot of parents who have to take time off work as well.  Often a day or two at home makes a lot of difference.


    We will be offering a number of different extra murals for your children to join during aftercare hours.

    These extra murals are optional and all the information and pricing structures will be given to you in the first term of 2017. You will also have the opportunity to see what they entail before you sign up.


    The Pre Primary will have a school uniform, consisting of t-shirts and shorts/skorts, Track Suit for winter and a Hat.

    There is a school bag but you may use any bag you please and shoes are at your discretion as well.

    The children may also wear jeans/pants and other jerseys if it is cold.

    Samples of the uniform will are  available to view and I do carry some stock.

    • Please mark all clothing, shoes and socks, hats, juice bottles, containers and lunch boxes.
    • We cannot be held responsible for any unmarked clothing, as the uniform sizes will be similar and obviously all look the same.We also cannot be held responsible for hair clips and elastic bands, toys and jewellery brought to school.

    The Lunch option is available, and morning snacks will be provided by the school (sandwiches and fruit.)

    Please supply a marked juice bottle to stay at school for daily use.

    If your little one is here for aftercare please send afternoon snacks.

    Please also supply 2 boxes of tissues and 1 packet of wet wipes per term. 


    I do not do any fund raising for the school but I would like to do 2 fund raisers a year.  One would be at Christmas for underprivileged children and one would be midyear for an animal shelter.  We would like to involve the children in some way and create awareness for the people and animals less fortunate than ourselves.  We would appreciate your participation in these initiatives.

    I work on an open door policy and invite you to speak to me at any time with any concern and I love suggestions for improvement as well. I am looking forward to a wonderful relationship with you and your child.  May I encourage you to always feel free to discuss any issues that may affect the development of your child as well.

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